How news is made on WeChat with Fan Yang


Fan Yang is a PhD candidate at Deakin University researching news production on WeChat Official Accounts based in Australia. Fan talks about how the “African gang” narrative played out on Chinese social media; what WeChat’s news cycle can teach us about the business of journalism; and how techno-orientalism fuels reporting on Chinese apps.

We also catch up on more non-Facebook related news as Google’s AI team continues to unravel, and Amazon workers are increasingly unionizing under unfair and unsafe COVID conditions.

Follow Fan Yang on Twitter @fanyaang and read her Nieman Labs piece on TheWeChat model: How Facebook’s Australian ban could change the business of news

Stuff we dig:

This NYT feature on rising union movements in Amazon factories

This Quartz interview with the writers of HK19 - a crowdsourced Google doc guide to mass protest written by Hong Kong students

This Motherboard piece on the lengths Maccas is willing to go to spy on their workers

The time when Twitter solved the trolley problem once and for all: