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Who are we

Miles Herbert is a Walkley Award winning journalist and radio producer. His work has appeared in The Guardian, but he predominantly works in the community and public radio space. His ongoing research focuses on the role of community radio and podcasting in fostering counter-hegemonic dialogue and identity building in publics shut out from the mainstream media. Twitter: @milespherbert

Cheyne Anderson is a PhD candidate researching platform accountability in Australia at the Centre for Media Transition at the University of Technology Sydney. As an audio producer, Cheyne has worked on a number of long form investigative series, daily news podcasts and documentary features. Twitter: @cheynederson

Josh Nicholas is a data journalist. Twitter: @joshcnicholas

Rafqa Touma is a law and journalism student. She currently freelances. She has previously interned at the Guardian Australia as a recipient of the 2021 Adele Horin Prize and studied with the School of the New York Times. Twitter: @At_Raf_

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